We know you’ve thought long and hard about switching up your regular manicure but you are not sure how and if you can pull it off without looking overdone. It doesn’t help that nail trends seem to be changing in between every manicure you’re getting.

As per usual, as soon as you sit down, your manicurist will ask you the simple question “which shape do you prefer?”

Little did you know that your options are endless.

Do the words oval , almond, square, squoval, coffin/ballerina, stiletto/pointed and round ring a bell for you? Well add them to your beauty dictionary because you’re about to become a pro.

Luckily for you we prepared this guide to help you pick and choose the right shape that will perfectly match your fingers. And for those who are looking to go the extra mile to enhance their nail shape we’ve added tips that will help spice up you’re freshly done mani.

Are you ready to nail it every time? Read below!


Description: feminine and classic.
Best suited for: shorter fingers or shorter hands with a wide nail bed as the oval shape will create an illusion of length.
Spice it up: add nail art


Description : glamorous and chic.
Best suited for: long or short fingers but nail bed is narrow and long.
Spice it up: shiny and metallic polish colours.


Description : stylish and clean-cut.
Best suited for: long fingers, long and narrow nail beds.
Spice it up: bold polish colours.


Description: classic and natural.
Best suited for: wide and long nail beds, looks good on short or long fingers.
Spice it up: geometric nail art or the classic French manicure.


Description: chic and glamour.
Best suited for: narrow and long nail beds.
Spice it up: pale polish colours.


Description: loud and high maintenance.
Best suited for: regular visits to the salon, making a statement.
Spice it up: elaborate colours.


Description: tidy and elegant.
Best suited for: short fingers, short and narrow nails beds.
Spice it up: left unpainted or any shade of polish is a safe bet.