SummerFestival is here and already plenty of festivals are on the horizon! But you say festival? We say external damage think sun… winds… and swimming pool. So we must be prudent that all these elements so that they do not deteriorate our hair! The sun and its heat can easily damage hair by their oxidizing effects and overexposure can affect the hair coloring…. Salt water and chlorine from swimming pools also have a degradable effect on the scalp.. Whether it’s for a full day at the Osheaga festival or a small 5 a 7 on a terrace there are some preventative actions to take… here are our SOS product choices… to make sure your hair and skin stays flawless all summer long.

Silky Protective Body Mist $49
– Boosts And Extends The Tan
– Has Youth – Global Cellular Patent Protection
– Protects, Nourishes and Enhances In a Single Gesture
A bright, fast and long-lasting tan. Sublimated skin, keeping it soft and youthful.

Esthederm Skin Care Face Protector $49
Stimulates the natural tan for a quicker, more lasting, and more intensive result. Helps prevent photoaging and brown spots: protects DNA, prevents cell breakdown with Global Cellular Protection patented technology. Enables the natural process of pigmentation: the tan is luminous, intense and long-lasting. Exceptional sunbed comfort and quality. The skin adjusts more quickly to the sun for a more intense and lasting tan. With each use, the skin is softer, silky smooth.

V76 Lips Balm $15
This ultra-nourishing balm leaves lips smooth.

Rene Furterer Shampooing Sec Naturia $22
NATURIA Absorbent Dry Shampoo is the ideal travel partner for clean hair at any time of the day. Thanks to its unique technology consisting of 4 absorbent powders, it washes hair without wetting it, absorbs sebum and stains, while at the same time texturizing hair. Its skin colour merges with that of the scalp for an invisible effect on the hair. The hair is nicely scented and regains texture, volume and softness.

Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser $29
Esthederm’s exemplary care, this gentle rich cream cleans the skin and removes impurities from deep within the pores. After a long day of glitter and sweat, face wipes will not do the trick. Opt for a deep pore cleanser to really remove all traces of makeup.

SOS After Sun 59
Ultra-soothing and rehydrating SOS care lotion.

The Blender 15 $.
Who wants to reapply makeup in the summer’s heat. Use a blender to simply blot the excess oil away.

Rene Furterer Protective Summer Fluid $32
Protect your hair from the dangerous UV rays. This fluid will protect us from dryness and help avoid color to fade.

City Protect 39
Give your skin the moisture it needs with Esthederm’s city protect. This product reinforces the skin’s natural defenses all while protecting and improving the skin’s natural resistance to outside exposure and pollution.

Serum Solide Elixir Ultime $40
Put this compact serum in your bag to refresh, fight flyaways and give shine before or during your summer event.

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