There are plenty of new brands that come and go – making it hard for consumers to connect and love a product like they should. A brand that shows elegance, quality and differentiates itself for another is all too rare. However, that isn’t the case with Smith & Cult. Read below to find out why our clients (and staff) are all obsessed with this American made brand.

What catches the eye is their high end prestine packaging that emcomposses their motto that there is beauty in imperfection. Their signature indentations in their bottle caps and tubes is telling the story of the everyday woman and what makes us beautiful. Our imperfections make us beautiful and tell our story. The founder, Dineh Mohejer, takes this one step further and creates a story for each product made – allowing the beauty lover to get lost in the life of this imaginary character. For example, our best seller Kundalini Hustle $30 tells the story of the main character going out “Went to a bar downtown last night called The Closet for my friend’s coming out party… at first glance, there was bad news everywhere.”

The craftmanship, the colour selection and the weight of each bottle can make anyone feel glamorous and special. Although the lid represents something more it is also super practical- making the most inexperienced able to apple nail polish easily- as there is a perfect fit for your thumb.

What’s even better? There formulas are 8-free. In other words no vicious chemicals here. They are a higher end of nail polish but worth every penny for the nail lacquer fanatic. Want more? They carry a full range of makeup! Eyeshadows, mascara, eye pens, lip gloss and lip stains – all following the same 8 free formula.

My all time favorite, Lash Dance Mascara $35. If you love volume, this one is for you. Thick bristle help elongate every last to its extreme. The black hue is an all around classic, prefect for every eye color and skin tone.

Quick tip – it is best to remove the mascara before your skin care routine at night to avoid smudging and black streaks (not a good look).