Regardless with how you style your hair – the foundation lies into one great tool and that tool is the hair brush. Just as with every other beauty appliance, hairbrushes require maintenance and cleaning since they get dirty with frequent usage. This is evident most particularly if you utilize styling products on your hair! Hair strands, hair product residues, dust, oils and dead skin cells among others can settle within your hairbrush – thus making it dirty and unhealthy to use. Using such hairbrush without proper cleaning can be harmful, as overtime; the accumulated elements can breed bacteria and yeast which can trigger infections.

We are sharing our favorite tips on ways to keeping your hairbrush in perfect condition – resulting in little to no bad hair days

Cleaning plastic/ceramic hair brushes

These types of hair brushes are easy to clean. Simply start by filling up a bowl with warm water. Then add a small quantity of mild shampoo, and proceed to thoroughly wash the brushes. Once done, proceed to rinse them properly, and let them air-dry adequately.

Cleaning wooden hair brushes

You need to be careful when handling wooden brush handles. This is because when wrongly done, the wood may get damaged by soap and water. Don’t ever soak in water – hairbrushes with wooden handles, as the right thing to do would be to do a very quick wash and rinse.

Cleaning Paddle hair brushes

With hairbrushes that have spongy bases, it can be bit tricky trying to clean them out. Paddle hairbrushes are prone to trap water within it, and this may be difficult to get out. When left unattended to, the accumulated moisture can lead to nasty odors, or worse, build up mold.

Remove all hair

This should be the easiest of them all. Simply run a comb through your hair brush multiple times to loosen the hair and peel it off the brush. By doing this, you are keeping your brush clean and free of any dirt or dust that will gather.

Wash with shampoo

Your next step is the gently wash your brush of any oils or product buildup. Remember – whatever is stuck on your brush will be transferred to your hair, so it’s important that it stays clean.

Drying up!

Do not towel dry your brush as this can be damaging to the lifespan and quality of brush. Instead lay it out to dry for at least 24-48 hours. Need a quick fix? Use your blow dryer to dry your brush more quickly.

Avoid direct contact to creams or sprays

Some might say to spray your brush with hair spray or your thermal cream in order to distribute properly but this can be damaging to your brush overtime. Instead, apply directly on hair and brush through.


A clean brush if your secret to beautiful hair. Make sure to include cleaning your brushes in your beauty routine at least every 1-2 weeks for maximal results and maximal brush lifespan.