Blondes Have More Fun?

Before answering that question for yourself we uncover how to achieve those luscious blonde locks without destroying your hair.

Whether you’re a brunette looking for a wild change or a natural blonde who just doesn’t feel as though she is shining bright enough, it is important you go about it the right way.

Going blonde can seem like an overwhelming task. You have all these questions like will it look good? Will my hair be damaged? Can I maintain it? Those concerns including the fear of breakage, the cost and the upkeep alarms numerous dark haired ladies from joining the other side – blonde hair society. And of course the number one concern – that you will look plain terrifying if you don’t pick the right shade of blonde for your skin type.

But believe us when we say – there is a shade for you. But don’t leave it to the untrained eye.

Thinking about going blonde? Read these six expert tips that will leave you saying blondes do it better!

  1. Consult a Technician.
    It is a must that you make a visit to the salon in order to speak to your color technician
    before making the jump and going blonde. This will allow a conversation and give the technician a better idea of the look you are going for, your budget, and what type of upkeep it will need. By speaking with a technician, they will be able to lead you in the right direction by either suggesting a regular color, bleaching your hair, highlights and balayage. After the consultation, it is sure that you will feel more comfortable in booking your next appointment and can look forward to your transformation as you are prepared for it.
  2. Picture It!
    At your consultation, make it a point to bring pictures of what you don’t like and what you do like. This can be the vital step in communicating clearly between you and your technician.
  3. Accept Your Reality.
    There are three steps in choosing the right shade of blonde. The first one if your skin tone – is it warm, neutral or cool? Want to check for yourself. Look at the inner part of your forearm and this will give you your answer. Secondly, consider your eye colour and thirdly your natural hair color. If it’s cool go with icy blonde. If it’s warmer pick a golden hue. It may be tempting to dye your hair blonde like your favorite celebrity but you need to keep in mind your reality, it may not be possible for you.
  4. Prep Your Locks.
    Once you have consulted your technician and decided on the shade of blonde you are going for, it is vital to get your hair to a healthy state especially before you bleach it. Going home with an at home treatment that will help transform your hair into by restoring its strength and resistance is important as this will lessen the change of hair breaking or being damaged after dying it.1
  5. High Maintenance is Good.
    Buy high quality products and use them correctly. It is important you take care of your newly dyed hair correctly and invest in it with time and correct styling products.
  6. Avoid the Sun.
    We are all so careful about the sun affects on our body that most people seem to forget that it affects our scalp and hair as well. If you are at the beach or on vacation keep this tip in mind. Every time you reapply your sunscreen, apply a sun protecting product for your hair.2