In my opinion, staying busy is never a bad thing. Being busy often translates into great things and that all that hard work is turning into success! But don’t you find when things are going well in one aspect of your life things seem to be crumbling in the other? It’s the tale that is old as time. More work – less sleep. Early mornings – more caffeine. It is normal for one side to feel thrown down and stressed out. This can lead to anxiety, and if not properly managed we can lose track of important tasks and staying productive.

By now, you might be wondering where your skin care routine comes into play with meditation. Well let’s break it down.

The importance of a routine is to help you be mindful. Elizabeth Thorton once said , “Mindfullness is a way of being present – paying attention to and accepting what is happening in our lives.”

This is exactly what your skin care routine can do for you. It is tactile and regulated – A step by step procedure that you enjoy. A skin care routine helps you end your busy, stressful day in a way that only YOU can control and no one else. It is a ritual that is made for you and done by you to make you feel good. A psychologist at the Joan H Tisch Center for Women’s Health did a study on this and found that those who have a steady skin care ritual decrease negative thoughts.

Ever think of this ? The scents in your favorite cleanser, toners and gels can have a huge effect on your mood as well.

It is basically about gaining control after a long day. The positive thoughts come from doing something you love.

We are not suggesting that a beauty routine is the cure to all anxiety or stressful situations, but simply saying that dedicating a little time for yourself at the end of the day can only be a good thing especially when things seem to be out of your control. Not only can skin care take care of your skin but also of yourself. Self care and self love is a great way to end or start your day!