There are plenty of new brands that come and go – making it hard for consumers to connect and love a product like they should. A brand that shows elegance, quality and differentiates itself for another is all too rare. However, that isn’t the case with Smith & Cult. Read below to find out why our clients (and staff) are all obsessed with this American made brand.

What catches the eye is their high end prestine packaging that emcomposses their motto that there is beauty in imperfection. Their signature indentations in their bottle caps and tubes is telling the story of the everyday woman and what makes us beautiful. Our imperfections make us beautiful and tell our story. The founder, Dineh Mohejer, takes this one step further and creates a story for each product made – allowing the beauty lover to get lost in the life of this imaginary character. For example, our best seller Kundalini Hustle $30 tells the story of the main character going out “Went to a bar downtown last night called The Closet for my friend’s coming out party… at first glance, there was bad news everywhere.”

The craftmanship, the colour selection and the weight of each bottle can make anyone feel glamorous and special. Although the lid represents something more it is also super practical- making the most inexperienced able to apple nail polish easily- as there is a perfect fit for your thumb.

What’s even better? There formulas are 8-free. In other words no vicious chemicals here. They are a higher end of nail polish but worth every penny for the nail lacquer fanatic. Want more? They carry a full range of makeup! Eyeshadows, mascara, eye pens, lip gloss and lip stains – all following the same 8 free formula.

My all time favorite, Lash Dance Mascara $35. If you love volume, this one is for you. Thick bristle help elongate every last to its extreme. The black hue is an all around classic, prefect for every eye color and skin tone.

Quick tip – it is best to remove the mascara before your skin care routine at night to avoid smudging and black streaks (not a good look).


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Regardless with how you style your hair – the foundation lies into one great tool and that tool is the hair brush. Just as with every other beauty appliance, hairbrushes require maintenance and cleaning since they get dirty with frequent usage. This is evident most particularly if you utilize styling products on your hair! Hair strands, hair product residues, dust, oils and dead skin cells among others can settle within your hairbrush – thus making it dirty and unhealthy to use. Using such hairbrush without proper cleaning can be harmful, as overtime; the accumulated elements can breed bacteria and yeast which can trigger infections.

We are sharing our favorite tips on ways to keeping your hairbrush in perfect condition – resulting in little to no bad hair days

Cleaning plastic/ceramic hair brushes

These types of hair brushes are easy to clean. Simply start by filling up a bowl with warm water. Then add a small quantity of mild shampoo, and proceed to thoroughly wash the brushes. Once done, proceed to rinse them properly, and let them air-dry adequately.

Cleaning wooden hair brushes

You need to be careful when handling wooden brush handles. This is because when wrongly done, the wood may get damaged by soap and water. Don’t ever soak in water – hairbrushes with wooden handles, as the right thing to do would be to do a very quick wash and rinse.

Cleaning Paddle hair brushes

With hairbrushes that have spongy bases, it can be bit tricky trying to clean them out. Paddle hairbrushes are prone to trap water within it, and this may be difficult to get out. When left unattended to, the accumulated moisture can lead to nasty odors, or worse, build up mold.

Remove all hair

This should be the easiest of them all. Simply run a comb through your hair brush multiple times to loosen the hair and peel it off the brush. By doing this, you are keeping your brush clean and free of any dirt or dust that will gather.

Wash with shampoo

Your next step is the gently wash your brush of any oils or product buildup. Remember – whatever is stuck on your brush will be transferred to your hair, so it’s important that it stays clean.

Drying up!

Do not towel dry your brush as this can be damaging to the lifespan and quality of brush. Instead lay it out to dry for at least 24-48 hours. Need a quick fix? Use your blow dryer to dry your brush more quickly.

Avoid direct contact to creams or sprays

Some might say to spray your brush with hair spray or your thermal cream in order to distribute properly but this can be damaging to your brush overtime. Instead, apply directly on hair and brush through.


A clean brush if your secret to beautiful hair. Make sure to include cleaning your brushes in your beauty routine at least every 1-2 weeks for maximal results and maximal brush lifespan.

Our Top Picks:

Brosse Bambou

Brosse Bambou – B2936BM $32

Brosse Luxor Professionnel

Brosse Luxor Professionnel – BF511 $35

Brosse Nano Titane

Brosse Nano Titane – $24-$30

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Blondes Have More Fun?

Before answering that question for yourself we uncover how to achieve those luscious blonde locks without destroying your hair.

Whether you’re a brunette looking for a wild change or a natural blonde who just doesn’t feel as though she is shining bright enough, it is important you go about it the right way.

Going blonde can seem like an overwhelming task. You have all these questions like will it look good? Will my hair be damaged? Can I maintain it? Those concerns including the fear of breakage, the cost and the upkeep alarms numerous dark haired ladies from joining the other side – blonde hair society. And of course the number one concern – that you will look plain terrifying if you don’t pick the right shade of blonde for your skin type.

But believe us when we say – there is a shade for you. But don’t leave it to the untrained eye.

Thinking about going blonde? Read these six expert tips that will leave you saying blondes do it better!

  1. Consult a Technician.
    It is a must that you make a visit to the salon in order to speak to your color technician
    before making the jump and going blonde. This will allow a conversation and give the technician a better idea of the look you are going for, your budget, and what type of upkeep it will need. By speaking with a technician, they will be able to lead you in the right direction by either suggesting a regular color, bleaching your hair, highlights and balayage. After the consultation, it is sure that you will feel more comfortable in booking your next appointment and can look forward to your transformation as you are prepared for it.
  2. Picture It!
    At your consultation, make it a point to bring pictures of what you don’t like and what you do like. This can be the vital step in communicating clearly between you and your technician.
  3. Accept Your Reality.
    There are three steps in choosing the right shade of blonde. The first one if your skin tone – is it warm, neutral or cool? Want to check for yourself. Look at the inner part of your forearm and this will give you your answer. Secondly, consider your eye colour and thirdly your natural hair color. If it’s cool go with icy blonde. If it’s warmer pick a golden hue. It may be tempting to dye your hair blonde like your favorite celebrity but you need to keep in mind your reality, it may not be possible for you.
  4. Prep Your Locks.
    Once you have consulted your technician and decided on the shade of blonde you are going for, it is vital to get your hair to a healthy state especially before you bleach it. Going home with an at home treatment that will help transform your hair into by restoring its strength and resistance is important as this will lessen the change of hair breaking or being damaged after dying it.1
  5. High Maintenance is Good.
    Buy high quality products and use them correctly. It is important you take care of your newly dyed hair correctly and invest in it with time and correct styling products.
  6. Avoid the Sun.
    We are all so careful about the sun affects on our body that most people seem to forget that it affects our scalp and hair as well. If you are at the beach or on vacation keep this tip in mind. Every time you reapply your sunscreen, apply a sun protecting product for your hair.2

1 – Shu Uemura Moisture Velvet Mask 200ml $66
Rich nourishing treatment for dry hair. Provides intense conditioning to the hair fiber. The unique formula enriched with camellia oil helps rebalance the moisture of dry hair while creating a supple texture with a velvety touch.

2 – Kerastase Micro-Voile Protecteur $24
This mist treatment prevents photo-degradation for natural or color-treated hair by providing long-lasting control while remaining supple to the touch.

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